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e-Travel Management - Access Online Booking

UNIGLOBE ESSENTIAL ACCESS (powered by Amadeus e-Travel Management) is a powerful customizable online Corporate Booking tool that allows corporate clients to easily plan, book, and purchase complete travel itineraries within the company guidelines.  It enables corporate clients a to integrate all elements of  travel programs, including travel policies, authorizations, preferred suppliers, and negotiated rates, into one easy-to-use website.  

Whether your corporate  travel program involves one department with a basic travel policy, twenty worldwide offices, or anything in between,UNIGLOBE Esssential Access  allows the management of the travel process in one easy-to-use website.  

All with the comfort of knowing there is a support system in place.

Key Features

  * Tried and true - proven a stable product
  * Wizard-driven online site administration
  * Access to Amadeus Global Distribution System information
  * Passenger Record Customization via command builder 
  * A flexible site hierarchy that allows for creation and management of policies and profiles
  * Ability to clone any existing community to further speed-up roll-out
  * Dry-run capabilities to pre-test changes without impacting existing policies and users.
  * Air travel shopper, car, hotel
  * Access to over 70 websites 
  * Integrated travel notification and/or approval
  * Traveler Friendly with an intuitive user interface to make reservations

Key Benefits

  * Customers' needs are easily responded to online
  * Deliver highly personalised and efficient customer service 
  * Maximizes operational efficiency to cut costs


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